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VBA Programming

Learning VBA Programming is the ultimate way to expand your Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office into Automating common or complex tasks through to creating highly automated documents and spreadsheets.

VBA Programming forms the building blocks to construct automated processes that allow complex tasks to be performed quickly and by people who don't have the time or advanced skills to perform the tasks manually.

In the VBA Programming course you'll learn:

  • Tricks to make more useful recorded macros.
  • How to make recorded macros more powerful, interactive and more intelligent.
  • About the VBA Programming Environment.
  • The principles of Object Oriented and Procedure Driven Programming.
  • The core structure of VBA Procedures.
  • Creating and Working with Variables.
  • Decision Structures.
  • Looping Structures.
  • Interacting with Users programmatically.
  • Working with the Object Model.
  • Using VBA to Automate common tasks.


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