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We all want to 'Work Smarter, not Harder', the same applies to Training Courses, why do more training when you can Train Smarter and learn the skills that work for you.

With the busy nature of business today, every minute is precious. By focusing on topics that are relevant to their work, your staff spend less time in training, thus saving time and money.

Each Training course that Apply IT conduct is individually tailored to suit your organisation. In fact, We Guarantee that the training content will be relevant to your business.

Training Courses are typically conducted at your site, with your computers, so that your staff learn in a familiar environment. If necessary, we can provide computers and/or training facilities, for an additional fee.

Training Courses

Training Courses for the following Software Packages are available:

Click each of the applications to download a Course Outline.
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Training Materials

Training Manual

Our training courses include comprehensive training manuals with your desired content. Containing the complete theory and step-by-step instructions, they make an invaluable post-course resource for the participants.

Topics available for training include features that even experienced users will find helpful.

Group Training Courses are not the only solution that Apply IT offers. We can provide training with a variety of Training Formats:


Training Format Description

Group Training

Facilitator led courses presenting topics specific to a business’s operations. The aim is to increase the productivity of your staff by enabling them to work with their desktop applications faster, smarter and more effectively.


Trainer provides guidance and tuition to only an individual. This is designed to help the staff member meet their specific needs.

Roaming Training

Trainer spends up to 1 hour each with a pre-determined list of people helping them on proscribed skills as well as giving more specific efficiency tips.

Topic Workshops

Facilitator led group focusing on one specific aspect of the application software. The Workshops are designed for staff / teams working to resolve particular issues, and are facilitated using both standard exercises and your work related examples.


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