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You can e-mail a support request to Apply IT to receive help with your specific Microsoft Office questions.

Please be as detailed as possible about what the problem is, and the circumstances in which it arises.

If the problem can be addressed by an e-mail, you will receive a response within a short time, otherwise contact will be made by phone.

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Q. What's the difference between a Database and a Business Information System?
Q. Why should I get Apply IT to Create my Database System instead of doing it myself?
Q. What are the Advantages of Using a Database?
Q. What are Macros and how will they help?
Q. How does Automated Document Creation work?
Q. What is Hyper Mail Merge?
Q. How can Apply IT Help me with Templates?


Q. What Sort of Training is Available?
Q. Is Training Expensive?
Q. Is Training Useful?
Q. Are Training Manuals Available for Purchase?

Q. What's the difference between a Database and a Business Information System?
A. Databases and Business Systems are simply two parts of the one Business Solution.

Generally a Database is the software that stores the Business Data, whereas a Business Information System is the Software that presents and works with that data (i.e. the User Interface).


Q. Why should I get Apply IT to Create my Database?
A. There are many reasons why Database systems do NOT get created in an organisation. Some most common reasons are:

  • Staff lack knowledge to develop the required system
  • Length of time involved in developing the system
  • Don't have time to work on the database

Apply IT can help you overcome these obstacles, we have helped both large and small organisations implement their Database requirements.

The advantages of having us help you develop your database are:

  • Speedier development can be more cost effective
  • Professional Design will allow system to expand if necessary
  • Can utilise advanced design techniques
  • Development of a user friendly interface
  • Automation of common tasks such as form letters and spreadsheets


Q. What are the Advantages of Databases vs Spreadsheets?
A. In general terms, a database makes working with business data more efficient. It takes less time to retrieve the necessary information and provide it in a useful format. Databases also:

  • Eliminate the need for repeating data
  • Makes updating data more efficient and accurate
  • Provide greater scope for analysing the data
  • Can significantly reduce the time taken to analyse and report on business data, thus saving time and money.


Q. What are Macros and how will they help?
A. Macros are a programmed set of instructions that can replicate manual processes in an Application. Basic Macros can be created with a 'Macro Recorder', but more sophisticated Macros need to be written using a programming language called Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).

The advantage of sophisticated Macros are:

  • The Macro performs the actions much faster than they can be performed manually.
  • Macros can be used by staff who don't require the skill level needed to perform the tasks manually.
  • The actions to be performed can be better integrated into the whole process.
  • Macros produce consistent results based on what they are designed to do.


Q. How does Automated Document Creation work?
A. Automated Document Creation takes relevant business data and feeds it into a pre-designed template to produce required business documents and spreadsheets quickly and easily. This can be as simple as inserting Address Details into the current Word document through to complete creation of large, complex reports.

Some examples of where Automated Document Creation can be useful are:

  • For the creation of 'Variable Content' reporting.
  • Individualised Client Product Information and Safety Sheets.
  • Production of Audit Result Reports with recommendations.


Q. What is Hyper Mail Merge?
A. Hyper Mail Merge is a proprietary system developed by Apply IT to create documents where each letter requires information from multiple records. This information is typically presented as a table within the letter.

Some examples of where Hyper Mail Merge can be useful are:

  • Client account transactions.
  • Order line-item confirmations.
  • Departmental Equipment Testing Checklists & Results.
  • Exhibition Entry confirmations.


Q. How can Apply IT Help me with Templates?
A. Apply IT can develop Templates for all your Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents, utilising Styles, Sections and standard content that not only give consistency of appearance, but also efficiency in creating your documents.

Apply IT can help you by:

  • Creating styles to suit your style guide.
  • Set up standard content within templates.
  • Protect Template files to prevent unauthorised alterations.
  • Develop Macros within templates to automate common tasks.


Q. What Sort of Training is Available?
A. Training can be delivered in different formats depending on your needs. Apply IT offer:

  • Instructor Lead courses for groups
  • One-on-One training for specific issues / topics
  • Topic Workshops for groups with specific issues / needs
  • Roaming Training where the trainer goes from workstation to workstation helping staff with a particular set of skills. This is commonly used for software roll-outs.


Q. Is Training Expensive?
A. No. Apply IT courses are customised to suit your requirements, giving you better value for money. Most "generic" training courses currently available have a set outline and often include content that you'll never use.


Q. Is Training Useful?
A. Training often increases the efficiency with which staff can perform their everyday duties. It also provides an opportunity to gain a broader perspective on how to get greater use of the software.


Q. Are Training Manuals Available for Purchase?
A. Yes. Apply IT training manuals are available for purchase, and can be customised to suit your training outline.



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