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If your business processes comprise of many fragmented and manual tasks, then the development of a business system can bring structure and automation to your organisation.

Our Business Systems development assists you by removing the manual handling of business information and structuring it within a software application so that tracking, reporting and analysis is streamlined.

Apply IT can assist you with business systems including:

MYOB Reporting - Retrieve more detailed information from your MYOB data.

MYOB Expansion - Store extra demographics about your customers/products that link to MYOB data.

Hyper Mail Merge - Multi-Record Mail Merge

Data Integration - Develop a cohesive system from separate spreadsheets etc.


Some examples of business systems include:

  • Project/Job Tracking
  • Client Contact Management & Reporting
  • Data Analysis & Reporting
  • Contracts Management & Renewal
  • HR Case Management
  • Automated Document Creation


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