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For many organisations, significant time is spent manually creating complex reports and documents, especially where multiple images need to be inserted and sized consistently, safety reports and catalogues for example.

Apply IT has helped many companies automate the creation of these documents to save not only the time and expense of creating them, but also improving the accuracy and consistency of the documents by eliminating the necessity of re-typing/copying content for each new document.

Through the use of templates, automated document creation can also provide a consistent look and layout to correspondence and reports.

Automated Document Creation can be used to:

  • Transfer data between applications.
  • Create common documents and spreadsheets automatically.
  • Fill out information from a central source into any document.
  • Do away with manual Copying and Pasting.
  • Insert and size images quickly and consistently.


Some examples of where Automated Document Creation can be useful are:

  • Service notices.
  • Appointment reminders.
  • Acknowledgement letters.
  • Gift/Reward Certificates.
  • Ad-hoc letters.
  • Customised Brochures/Catalogues/Quotes.


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